Ive been exploring the endless potential of swastika based patterns for about 4 years now. with just pencil and paper.

Having spent mot of the past 12 years in buddhist or Hindu countries , where the Swastika is on most doors and vehicles for good luck, , swastika patterns adorn temples and shrines, and thousands of people , male and female, have the given name Swastik , or Suastika, or Swastika , i have come to view the Swastika the same as them , as a lucky , positive Solar symbol.

I have amassed  piles of notebooks full of evolving, changing and growing Swastika-based patterns, hand-drawn, using no reference material, just starting in the middle of the magic Swasti cross, and flowing out from there.

This Print will be available on the Etsy Store From the Summer Solstice onwards, along with another new Eq369 Swasti design.

The Design is Screen-Printed in the same size as the original drawing , by in The Krudos Family in Patan, Nepal

Initailly available on Pre-shrunk , Organic Cotton Long-sleeve Tshirts, Custom made in Kathmandu. in Black, Green or Maroon.