These are the first patches i made with the Krudos family, using another hand-drawn Equanamy design, incorporating the ancient & sacred Swastika & Trishul symbols of Hinduism & Buddhism.

These Symbols are revered by billions of people today , including Hindu’s , Buddhists and Jains. Unfortunately its still necessary to explain this to most Westerners , who only relate the Swastika to Nazism, despite the widespreaduse of it as an auspicious spiritual symbol by almost a third of the worlds population.

Fascists may have appropriated the Swastika, but it only perpetuates this unjust appropriation by continuing to associate it with them.

The swastika is an ancient solar symbol found in every culture and spiritual tradition, known by many different names. It can be found carved into rocks and religious buildings on every continent. Today it is seen on temples, Mosques, churches, house doors, vehicles, shopfronts, rice-sacks and tea packets across Asia from subcontinental India to Japan , and beyond. ‘Swastika is also a popular girls name in India and Nepal. Hindu’s adorn their front doors and vehicles with The Swastika for luck and protection.